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Welcome to Cycle, your no. 1 stop for radical self care. Your body is your one true home, the only thing you fully possess. So why not treat it in the best possible way?

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Cycle - For radical self care.
We're bringing you a new perspective on feminine care and pleasure. We aim to make high-quality products available to all women and to educate every woman about her cycle, backed up by Cycle care professionals. Creating an environment where women feel free and encouraged to share their own cycle experiences.

Cycle Feminine Care - 'Cause we couldn't care more.
Our care range brings you all you need for cycle-related matters.
Think of a pregnancy test, morning-after pill, and cycle painkillers. All sent to your doorway without a hassle or a blush.

Cycle Pleasure - Enjoy yourself.
Because we believe sexual health and pleasure are key ingredients for happiness. Get to know Veronica, our vibrator. Or Cycle condoms for ultimate joy and safety. Good times guaranteed. All just one click away.