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Fit de Overgang in

Book- Heart & hormones (Dutch)


  • About the book

    The guide for women to enter the menopause in good shape. Why is it so important to be fit when entering menopause and why should you start with this in your 40s? What should you pay attention to in order to age healthily? What is the relationship between menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular disease? What are your risk factors and how do you change them? Why or why not start hormone therapy? Cycle Experts gynecologist Dorenda van Dijken and cardiologist Janneke Wittekoek give all the answers in 'Hart & Hormonen - Fit de overgang in.'

    Hormones can play an incredibly important role in a woman's life. In the fertile years they protect our heart, our circulatory system and our bones. But when we're in our mid-forties, hormone levels start to drop slowly. The protection is thus much less. And this often also causes unpleasant symptoms on a physical, psychological and emotional level.If that the estrogen and progesterone production decreases further, you can also experience menopausal symptoms, with symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, vaginal dryness, insomnia and fatigue. And as everyone understands, these kinds of severe symptoms have a lot of influence on the quality of your life. But this also affects the life expectancy with regard to chronic diseases of our hearts, vessels and bones.

    Fortunately, we see that a healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on exercise, positively influences these symptoms. So there is plenty of hope! In this book, Cycle experts Dorenda van Dijken and Janneke Wittekoek want to make women aware of their body and health, and especially of what they can do about it themselves when they get older. And you shouldn't just start a more healthy lifestyle when you are fifty, but rather much earlier.Read everything about In 'Hart & Hormonen - Fit de overgang in' you can read all about what you can do from the age of 40 to start this later period as fit as possible, and to age as healthy as possible.

  • Written by Cycle Experts

    Dorenda van Dijken has been working as a gynecologist at OLVG West in Amsterdam for over twenty-five years. Her areas of interest include: hormonal issues, vulva clinic, sexology, abnormal smears and the menopause. Together with menopause nurses, she runs the largest menopause clinic in the Netherlands.

    Janneke Wittekoek is a cardiologist, health scientist and founder of the HeartLife Clinics in Utrecht. She followed her training at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and spent a long time abroad to further specialize in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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