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Terms of use

Terms of use of Cycle Care B.V.

Effective as of May 2023

Version 3.0

1. General

"Cycle Care": refers to the company Cycle Care B.V.

"Website": refers to all desktop and mobile websites that can be accessed via "https://www.cycle.care".

"User" : refers to any individual of the age of 18 or older who is able to enter into a contract and who visits the Website and/or has an account on the Website. Plural: “Users”.

"Terms of Use" : refers to these Terms of Use and, if applicable, any special Terms of Use.

"User Content" : refers to all elements provided by the User on the Website, including text, documents, images, photos, reviews or right to reply.

2.Terms of use

To use the 'Website' you must have the legal capacity to enter into a legally binding contract.

2.1 Access to the Website

Cycle Care reserves the right to delete, remove or change all or certain parts of the Website or services or products offered on the Website without prior notice. Cycle Care also reserves the right to deny access to the Website to all or certain Users at any time in the case of maintenance or emergency (cyber attack, etc.).

2.2 Terms of creating an account

By creating an account, the User explicitly and unconditionally accepts these Terms of Use. Users commit oneself to provide correct, truthful and recent information, in particular with regard to their title, surname, first name, email address and telephone number. Those data are necessary for proper identification with regard to creating and maintaining their account.

2.3 Confidentiality of Login details

When creating an account, Users choose a username and password ("login details") that give them access to their account. The login details are personal and confidential. It can only be changed at the request of the User concerned or at the initiative of Cycle Care. Users are exclusively and solely responsible for the use of their account and the associated login details. They will do everything necessary to keep their login details a secret and not to disclose them to third parties in any way. In the event of loss or theft of the login data, the User is liable for all consequences due to that loss or theft. The User must start a procedure to change his login details as soon as possible. If you are logged in with your Facebook account or Google account, you must follow the procedure that can be found on the relevant websites. If you are logged in with an email address, you can change your password yourself via your account by means of the 'password reset' button.

2.4 Closing Account

Users can close their account at any time. The User can indicate this via the following address: hello@cycle.care.

2.5 Obligations for Users

Users agree to use the Website in accordance with these Terms of Use and the current legislation. In particular, Users agree to waive the following prohibited acts:

The content and data of the Website (including but not limited to messages, data, information, text, music, sound, photos, graphics, maps, icons, software, codes or any other element), along with the infrastructure used to provide such content and information belongs to Cycle Care.

Users agree not to sell, resell, edit, copy, distribute, transmit, display, license, make available or create derivative works from the Website information, software, products or services.

Furthermore, the Users commit oneself to not use the Website or its contents for any illegal, unlawful or deceptive purposes;not post data about the User or others on the Website if that data is incorrect, illegal and in violation of privacy legislation or if that data is insulting, offensive or threatening or if that data incites hatred or violence or if the Users do not possess the intellectual property rights or have not obtained the explicitly consent of the holder of those rights; not use any robot, spider, scraper, spyware, keylogger or any other program, automatic device or manual process to use, monitor, take over or copy the infrastructure, content or data of the Website or any User's actions on the Website; not perform any actions that (may) overload the infrastructure of the Website; to not create an invisible link with the Website for any reason;not "embed", "mirror" or reproduce any portion of the Website on any other website;not make an attempt to modify, translate, adapt, edit, change, disassemble or convert any software program used by Cycle Care for the Website or the Services.

2.6 Penalties for breach of contract

If a User violates any of the obligations or provisions of these Terms of Use in whole or in part, or if the User performs any of the prohibited acts set forth in these Terms of Use or for any other valid reason, Cycle Care may modify, suspend, limit or terminate access to all or certain services of the Website and the User's account may be deactivated. This happens without prior notice and without the User being entitled to claim compensation. Cycle Care will also be entitled to claim possible damages.

3. Reviews and user content

3.1 In order to publish a review or comment, Users must have an account that identifies them on the Website. The username chosen when creating an account will be displayed as a name when publishing a comment, question and/or review. User Content may be rejected or removed by Cycle Care for the following reasons:if the User does not comply with these Terms of Use;if Cycle Care believes that it can be held liable under civil or criminal law;if the User Content or the elements about the author's identity contain insults, discriminatory or rude terminology or statements;if the text of the User Content contains arbitrary characters or sequences of words without meaning;if the User Content is not related to the content of the Website;if the User Content contains a (possible) violation of the intellectual property rights of a third party;if the User Content contains advertising for products and/or services other than those of Cycle Care;if the review creates conflicts of interest or fraud or if Cycle Care believes it could create such conflicts or fraud;if the text of the User Content is so badly written that it is unintelligible;if a user makes an inappropriate comment about another comment, question, review and/or comment or its author;if the User Content contains personal information or elements that could lead to identity theft, in particular the first name or last name of persons who are not public persons, a telephone number, a postal address or an email address;if the User Content contains websites, hyperlinks, URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers;if the User Content is clearly spam.Cycle Care may decide to delete a User's account after it has deleted the User Content.

3.2 Checking reviews

Any User who publishes a review or comment can delete it themself via their account.

3.3 Use of User Content.

Users agree that publishing User Content on the Website automatically grants Cycle Care a non-revocable, permanent, non-exclusive royalty-free permission to use, copy, display, adapt, modify, translate, distribute, promote, include in other advertisements or materials, use as the basis for derivative works, emphasize, distribute or circulate such User Content globally and allow third parties to do the same, through online or other media. By posting User Content on the Website, Users grant Cycle Care all necessary rights to prohibit the display, collection, copying or use of that User Content by any third party for any reason. Users irrevocably waive any claim and representation of moral or property rights with respect to this content. Users acknowledge and guarantee that they are authorized to grant the above permissions.