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With our mission we primarily focus on women, but we also want everyone to feel welcome on our platform. Cycle strives for a platform in which we embrace diversity and we are aware that there are many different people, of all shapes, sizes and with different preferences, beliefs and backgrounds. We try to reflect these differences as much as possible in our content and images, but we also realize that we can still do better. We admit that we struggle to find the right words without compromising readability, tone of voice or making people feel excluded. We are actively involved in (constant) developments in the area of inclusiveness, and we try to adapt ourselves where possible.

For example, we often use the word “woman” or "woman+" to describe people who were identified as female at birth, even though these individuals may now identify as male, female, or non-binary. And where relevant; people who were identified as male at birth and now identify as female.

When we quote our experts, share personal stories of others or refer to (medical) publications and research, we use the same terminology that they use.