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Vrouwelijk lichaam, mind & seksualiteit

we are cycle

Cycle is a community that focuses on informing people of everything related to the female body and creating a safe space in which you can connect with other like-minded people. From menstruation to menopause. We help you better understand your body, mind and sexual wellbeing. How do we do this? By offering reliable knowledge, answering your questions and to support you when making the right choices for you.

our starting point

2019: knowledge is power

In 2019 we started building a reliable platform in the field of women's health. Why? Because there were so many people walking around with questions and uncertainties and there was no safe place to go. We started looking for the answers so that others didn't have to. In addition to informative articles, we created videos, webinars and shared experience stories from people like you and us. When creating our content, we work with our 40 Cycle Experts, so you will always get an honest possible answer. The Cycle Experts all have years of experience in the field of female body and wellness and are among the top in their field.

our plans

2024: setting a new standard for women's healthcare.

We listened to our community carefully and we are proud of this. We are ready to take Cycle to the next level by creating a new way of healthcare where digital technology is combined with the human touch and treatments, enabling the health experience of the future that modern women expect. We focus on you as a whole: body, mind, and soul!

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