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Press release 25 May 2021

"I used to wear a tampon all day and night to save money. only when it started to smell bad did I replace it.” (janice, age 30)

"When I'm at home I can still control my period, but I can't go outside. a washcloth doesn't stay in your underwear.' (fatima, age 50)

These are from two of the many women who have shared their story with Cycle. Women in the Netherlands, like you and us. Who get their period but do not have enough access to menstrual products because they do not have enough money. They use their children's diapers, wipes made from old T-shirts or nothing at all and stay inside…Friday 28 May 2021 is International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

A day to focus on breaking the taboo on menstruation and the lack of access to menstrual products.In the last week of May, Cycle will draw attention to menstrual poverty in the Netherlands, just like we did last year. Because let's face it, it's about bloody time that we do something about it

campaign: buy mary, give mary,

Buy a cup, give a cup. Cycle is launching a campaign in the fight against menstrual poverty. We call on all women to purchase Mary's menstrual cup during the weekend of May 28 - 31, a 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup that will last for years. For every menstrual cup sold on our platform, we give one away to a girl or woman who is struggling with menstrual poverty. This year we are doing this in collaboration with the Amsterdam Food Bank.

knowledge is power: period talk

In addition, the Cycle team is ready for you the whole week to answer all questions about the cycle and periods on the Cycle Forum. A number of Cycle experts with years of experience in this field also join us for some expert advice.Do I suffer from PCOS? Any tips to do something against the monthly cramps? Am I losing too much blood? Do you have a question about your own period or that of your daughter or friend? If you have any questions you can ask it on the Cycle Forum via www.cycle.care.

For more information, please contact Jo-Ann or Annemieke (via hello@cycle.care or 06 24609587).