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Group 571 kopie
Group 571

yes to sex, yes to me

Being in control of your own pleasure during sex, with yourself or with someone else. If you know what you enjoy and are willing to let yourself go, you can take on the world. That is Cycle's message with this campaign.

yes to me

For this campaign, Cycle has captured eight beautiful women who have a good them with themselves. These women tell Cycle and the world why they think it's important to do this. They show their vulnerabilty, their strength and their pleasure.

"i got this and this is who I am. I enjoy doing this and I do what I want."

- Naomi, 24 years old

"“I notice that there is still a taboo on the pleasure of women. that's why I think it's important to show this: this is pleasure, this is fun and good."" - Tanja, 27 years old"

- Tanja, 27 years old

What the Cycle experts had to say

What the Cycle experts had to say

Eveline Stallaart


"Yes! This is what I fight for every day in my practice. You don't have sex with your head, but with your feelings. So...

Astrid Kremers


"I'm teaching women to get in touch with and talk about their wishes so that sex becomes enjoyable again."

Fransje van der Waals


“This video should go viral, for anyone who has forgotten how liberating solo sex can be."

yes to sex

yes to sex

“be yourself, enjoy. whatever porn you watch, whatever you do. Anything is possible. Especially as a woman!”

- Annabel, 22 years old

“it is important for us to speak up and to take the next step to show that we also have something to say. this is part of us women to go forward and show that we want this.”

- Kristine, 27 years old

"""I've always thought: there's something wrong with me. Now I think that someone made me think that. I can let it go now."

- Cathy, 23 years old

"Yes, very weird to see yourself like that. but it also makes me think, yes .. I'm looking like that… amazing!”

- Powergirl, 29 years old

"“i asked my wife what i look like, and she was like: i am not going to tell you, i’m gonna wait for you to hear it from other people.”

- Reid

"“I think that everyone who sees this will think: she is free and she is strong. that is a really empowering feeling.”

- Amy, 22 years old

in the media

in the media

"This community of like-minded women has known for a while now that sex is nothing to be ashamed of"
"An impressive video!"
"No shame & no taboo"

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