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Caroline Tensen & her daughter on menopause: “you suddenly had to be there for me, because I couldn’t even be alone”

1 min read
Cycle Care

What was Caroline’s experience with menopause like? Watch the video in which Caroline and her daughter talk about her menopause from hell!

Caroline Tensen has written a book about it, ‘Het Verboden Woord’ (The Forbidden Word), and aims to remove the veil of taboo that shrouds menopause. Earlier, Cycle already recorded a video with Caroline about this topic.

In ‘One on One: Mother & Daughter’, the new video series by Cycle, we create an intimate conversation between mother and daughter, in which topics like menopause, menstruation, child-wishes, and sexuality are discussed. Speaking today: Caroline Tensen and her daughter Charlotte Wisse on the menopause.


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