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Elvie Pump

Double portable breast pump


  • About the pump

    Hello Elvie Pump: The small, light and wearable breast pump! The Elvie Pump is a discreet, handsfree, wireless electric breast pump for pumping and collecting milk. The breast pump consists of a build-in pump and a compartment to collect the milk in. The Elvie Pump fits inside your nursing bra so you can just go on with your day. The breast pump comes with straps to adjust your bra so it'll always have the right fit.

    The Elvie Pump is more silent and discreet than regular pumps. There are also sensors in the breast pump which allows you to operate the pump with the corresponding app. You can keep track on how much milk has been pumped or how much milk you've previously pumped. Ideal for mothers who already have enough to worry about! The Elvie Pump also has a 'stimulation mode' that activates whenever a smaller amount of milk gets detected.

    Elvie Pump comes in two versions: Elvie Pump single and the Elvie Pump Double. The Elvie Pump single is ideal for occasional pumping. The Elvie Pump double (pumping both breasts at the same time) is more convenient if you pump regularly.

    The Elvie Pump works with or without the free app.

  • Productspecificaties

    Article number: CYC131

    Color and version: white, ABS plastic

    Dimensions: 128 x 110 x 68 mmWeight: 210 gram

    Material: ABS plastic, Eastman Tritan Ex401, food-safe silicone and polypropylene (PP)Battery: polymer lithium battery, 1450 mah

    Charging time: 2.1 amp charger/120 minutes

    Charging method: USB cable (included)

    Good to know: Elvie has an extensive online customer service and there are many helpful instructional videos online. Any warranty issues will be handled by Elvie and not the reseller.

  • What's in the box?

    2 Hubs

    Bottles: 4x

    Storage Lids: 4x

    Breast Shield: 2x2 sizes

    Valves: 4x

    Spouts: 4x

    Seals: 4x

    Bra Adjusters: 2x

    Carry Bag: 2x

    USB Charging Cable: 2x

    Instructions for Use

  • About the brand

    Elvie makes technology for women much more known. It shouldn't have to be the case that women have to settle for kitschy designs or pink spin-offs in a world where self-driving cars drive around. Their mission? Improving the lives of women with smarter technology. They approach problems from a woman's point of view, and fix them from the perspective of engineers, scientists and designers

  • Shipping & Returns

    Placed an order before 15:00 hours? Then we will try our best to have it shipped the same day. Delivery time can take up to a week. Please that shipping takes longer these days!

    Since this is a hygiene product, the right of withdrawal expires when the seal on the packaging or bottle is broken. Any discounts and/or sales cannot be combined.


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