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Gentleday Sanitary Pads Night Extra

Organic Sanitary Pads


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    To be honest, we had to get used to the pink packaging but the content is great! Gentleday's sanitary pads are the solution for those women that are looking for soft, highly absorbent sanitary pads that don't contain harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, pesticides or formaldehyde, that can cause skin irritation or allergies. Unfortunately, many brands of sanitary pads do contain these harmful chemicals!

    This sanitary pad has a special medical top layer, so that there will be no allergic reactions or other unpleasant irritations, and we at Cycle like that very much. What's more, it keeps feeling dry. The special strip with tourmaline in the middle of the pad is for natural protection against bacteria & odour and repairs the skin where that's needed. The absorbing layer is made from organic certified cotton. So, these pads are very safe and comfortable!

    The Night Extra has a high absorbency - up to 190 ml and is therefore perfectly suitable for the heavier flow nights.

    Tip from Cycle: This sanitary pad is also perfect as a maternity pad during the postpartum period because it is soft, has a high absorbency and helps to repair fragile skin!

  • Product specifications

    Article number: CYC132

    Absorbency: Gentleday Sanitary Pads Night Extra has a thickness of 3.6 mm and can absorb 190 ml. The sanitary pad has raised sides against leakage.

    Material: The top layer is a nonwoven, non-absorbing layer that's resistant against bacterial growth. The FAR-IR ANION Strip™ is also on this layer. The absorbent middle layer consists of biodegradable biopolymer and organic GOTS certified cotton. The breathable bottom layer is made with non-toxic food industry glue.

    Certificates: Gentle Day sanitary pads Night Extra is certified by Made for Health and Oeko Tex. The organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

    Vegan: Yes, the sanitary pads are suitable for vegans

    Content: 6 pads (individually wrapped)

    Resealable packaging

    Brand: Gentleday

  • About the brand

    Gentleday stands for products without the use of chemicals and plastic. Many tampons, sanitary pads and panty liners in the shops contain chemicals and plastic and that can cause problems. Gentleday wants do things differently. With products made of 100% organic cotton, without chemicals and other harmful materials, so that comfort and safety are guaranteed. Everyone deserves this.

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    Placed an order before 15:00 hours? Then we will try our best to have it shipped the same day. Delivery time can take up to a week. Please that shipping takes longer these days!

    Since this is a hygiene product, the right of withdrawal expires when the seal on the packaging or bottle is broken. Any discounts and/or sales cannot be combined.


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