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How about mom

How About Mom

The honest book for mothers (Dutch)


  • About the book

    No one can prepare you for what it's really like to be a mother. You simply have to experience it. But what we can do is explain what you can expect from motherhood, tell you the things nobody tells you, and share the best advice from other mothers and medical experts. The honest book for mothers tells you how magical, wonderful and unforgettable the postpartum period and first year of motherhood is. The book is also honest about the challenges: the inevitable identity crisis, having to get used to motherhood sometimes and the possible feelings of guilt. From physical recovery after childbirth ( Say hello to afterpains and night sweats) to the rollercoaster of emotions. It also tells you about sleep deprivation, changing relationships and going back to work. In short, this is the book for you as a (future) mother. It answers questions that you don't know who to ask, or don't dare to ask, whether it's your first child, or whether you've been a mother for some time.

    Important: This book in in Dutch only

  • authors

    In 2019, sisters Frederique and Anna Jabocs founded How About Mom with a clear mission. They want to offer mothers the best support during the postpartum period and first year of motherhood. How About Mom.

  • Productspecificaties

    Language: Dutch


    First print with release date November 2020

    280 pages with illustrations

    Authors: Anna Jacobs and Frederieke Jacobs

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