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Mooi rood is niet lelijk

The ultimate menstrual guide (Dutch)


  • About the book

    Nowadays, women menstruate about 500 times in a lifetime. Ten times more often than in the Middle Ages. Why actually? It doesn't seem to be a prerequisite for successful reproduction. Rabbits don't menstruate either. Is all that menstruating healthy? Could we do without it? And how is it possible that 'it' is still such an uncomfortable topic of conversation? It's like scratching the blackboard with your fingernails when you bring it up. Isn't it time for pride instead of shame? Don't we know what the phenomenon is for, and how it should work biologically? Or not? What exactly is a normal menstrual period? When is it 'code red' and do you need to see your GP? 'Mooi rood is niet lelijk' highlights the tragic, comic and beautiful sides of a subject that really deserves more attention.

  • author

    Paula Kragten is a journalist/content specialist with years of experience in the magazine world. She is the founder of Period Media, a content and communication agency with a clear focus: women's health in general and menstruation in particular.

  • Product specifications

    Article number: CYC145

    EAN: 9789082417746

    Language: Dutch

    192 pages with illustrations

    Publication date: February 2017

    Author: Paula KragtenEditor: Sytske Scholze

    Publisher: Splint Media B.V.

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