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Over ons, het verhaal van Cycle

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Cycle Care

Listen everyone, we need to get this off our chest. It’s time to get real. Because we make it so incredibly hard on ourselves and each other.

We keep quiet, afraid of the shame, the taboos and prejudices other people have about our bodies, sexuality, and mental needs. But we can’t go on like this any longer!

We try to create the perfect picture by keeping quiet, but, and you have to trust us when we say this, we all deal with the same struggles, insecurities, and questions. We too can relate to this. And so Cycle wants to speak up, and ask all women one thing: please, let’s, together, have the courage to be honest and bold, out in the open. Even about what we don’t know yet: We say dare to ask! We believe selfcare is a choice!

The nr. 1 platform!

And in making that choice, you are not alone: We have now been able to help more than 1.7 million people via our platform and more than 40 medical experts and healthcare professionals have joined us. Through Cycle.care we share reliable information, personal experiences and tools in the field of body, mind and lifestyle that can really help you!

Digital care solution

But we want more! Recently, we have asked our community what they want when it comes to women's care. We have listened very carefully and are ready for the next step!

We are working hard to create a new standard of women's care. How do we do that? By combining digital care with in person care where it is needed. We give people access to information, knowledge and answers 24 hours a day/7 days a week, we offer online consultations with (medical) experts and we currently developing online programs that meet your needs. We do not look solely at your symptoms but treat you as a whole to become the best version of yourself! Sp think of us as your sister from another mister who - been there, done that - you can always fall back on. Whatever your question is, we will have the answer for you. We are openminded, outspoken, and, above all else, honest. Because honesty is so much more important than that perfect picture.

What’s your story? Join our sisterhood now!

Jo-Ann & Annemieke

Founders of Cycle


we're in this together

Cycle is a community where all aspects of the female body are discussed freely. From menstruation to menopause: we'll help you understand your body, mind, cycle and sexuality better, with the help of our Cycle Experts.