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Tips and trics how to boost your fertility



  • What is this webinar about

    During this webinar, three experts will provide you with all the tips and trics you need to know in order to prepare yourself (and your partner) for a possible pregnancy. You will get insighs on what happens during a preconception check up.

    A nutritionist will give you tips on what to eat (and what not) and if supplements are useful.

    And finally, an acupuncturist informs us all about the benefits of this treatment in relation to fertility and shows some massage techniques which you can do yourself.

    Of course there is plenty opportunity to ask questions!

    This is a recording, not a live event.

  • Who should join this webinar

    This webinar is voor everybody who would like to know more about preparing yourselves (and partner!) for a possible pregnancy.

  • Important information

    Language: English

    This webinar is a recording.

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  • Expert of the evening

    Cycle expert Judith de Jong, midwife, will join us this evening as lead expert. She will be accompanied by Sharon Asscher - Looyen as nutritionist focused on women's health and Daniela Pontes as acupuncturist specialized in midwifery and gynaecology.

    Cycle expert Judith de Jong

    Judith has been working as a midwife in Amsterdam for over 10 years. Additionally, she completed a course in sonography in 2013 to further add to her scope of knowledge, which enabled her to support women of reproductive age as completely as possible. In 2014 she opened her midwifery practice, Femme-Amsterdam. Her expertise involves coaching and supporting women with planning for pregnancy - with the help of preconception consultations - and guides them through pregnancy until childbirth. Besides midwifery, Judith is chair of the Council of Mothers of Dutch hospital OLVG-West. With the council she works hand in hand with mothers to improve the care provided to mothers / patients from the point of view of mothers instead of doctors.


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