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Sex and menopause, what’s the deal? Sexologist Astrid Kremers tells you all about it!

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Astrid Kremers - Sexologist
Cycle expert Astrid Kremers speaks about sex during the menopause. Do women have less desire for sex during menopause?

During the menopause a lot of changes happen to your body and there’s a chance your sex life will change too. These changes can come with a lot of questions, but luckily, Cycle expert Astrid Kremers is here to tell you everything you need to know about sex and the menopause. 

Astrid Kremers is owner of sexology practice Astrid Kremers, www.sexuoloog.nl, and sexologist at the UMC Utrecht, Diakonessenhuis Utrecht, Beatrix hospital Gorinchem, GP practice Janskerkhof, Campus de Uithof and Nij Linge. She's a registered sexologist in the NVVS-SH, cognitive behavior therapist VGCt and EMDR therapist. Astrid is also the author of the book "Aandacht voor seks". She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. That's why she also teaches classes, seminars and does work counseling. She writes columns, gives advice to patients associations and is often a spokesperson of sexology in the media.


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