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La Gemmes

Yoni eggs

3-piece Yoni Egg Set - natuursteen


  • About the product

    A beautiful Yoni egg set made from gemstone. You can wear a Yoni egg as jewelry around your neck, close to your body or you can train your pelvic floor muscles with a Yoni egg. This set contains three Yoni eggs, each in a different size. They are made from gemstone rose quartz, white gemstone, jade, black obsydian and amethist. According to La Gemmes every gemstone has a different meaning and purpose.

    Pay attention: The colour you choose at the checkout is the colour of the stone you will receive, so pink = rose quarts, green = jade etc.

    Rose quartz (roze)

    Rose quartz has a pink color and is slightly translucent. It is the stone of universal love and the heart. Rose quartz helps you to be more open to love, romance and happiness in your life.

    Jade (groen)

    Green Jade is known for its powerful capacitities. Jade can help with stomach, liver and kidney complaints. It is a stone that helps with inner unrest, stress and sleeping problems.

    White cyrstal (wit)

    Rock white crystal is known for its strenght. The stone gives energy, concentration, insight and inspiration in difficult situations. Rock crystal is completely transparent as glass, to milky white due to tiny air bubbles trapped inside.

    Black Obsydian (zwart)

    Black obsidian is the result of rapidly solidified lava and has a unique color combination that changes with every viewing angle. The stone is known as a protection stone against negative energy. A good stone for anyone who is easily distracted or has difficulty concentrating.

    The maker, La Gemmes, thinks it's important that the stones are free of harmful chemicals. And we agree. The eggs come in a stylish packaging with a little storage bag.

    Training your pelvic floor muscles helps to reduce symptoms such as involuntary urine loss and less feeling during during sex. Please know that we do not recommend you use the Yoni eggs without consulting a pelvic floor therapist. Do you want to know more about training your pelvic floor muscles? Then this article might be interesting for you.

    There are three sizes in the Yoni egg set: S, M and L. The measurements are in centimeters may vary slightly because each product was made by hand, but you can use these sizes as guidelines. The smaller the egg, the harder it is to feel and hold the egg. If you're new to practicing, it's a good idea to start with the largest egg.

    The stones are worked by hand and each stone is therefore unique in size and color, and can have minor imperfections. It's normal that with the use of the stones, small tears or cracks may appear. If you notice any cracks, please do not use the stone anymore due to hygienic reasons. Please store the stones carefully because they could break otherwise. Always check whether the stone is still intact before you use it. Before using it, make sure it is clean and sanitized (with a soap that is mild for your vagina).

    Size L is about 5 x 3.5 cm - This size is recommended to start with and is for people with a vulva: children, incontinence problems, trouble reaching orgasm.

    Size M is about 4 x 3 cm and is recommended if you don't have children, don't have incontinence problems or if you can easily orgasm.

    Size S is about 3 x 2.5 cm and is suitable for when you're used to size M and for advanced users.

  • Product specification


    - Size L is about 5 x 3.5 cm

    - Size M is about 4 x 3 cm

    - Size S is about 3 x 2.5 cm Material: 100% Rose Quartz Natural product Handmade No chemicals, silicone or plastic No batteries required Brand: La Gemmes

  • Important information

    The yoni eggs are handmade and thus there's a possibility that the weight, size and appearance can differ. This is normal and not a defect. It's also normal for this type of product to develop tears and cracks over time. We advise you not to use the eggs anymore when you notice cracks and tears due to hygienic reasons. There's also a chance it can break with use, so always check the stone before using it and make sure to sanitize the eggs before use with a mild soap suitable for your vagina. Don't drop the eggs, they're fragile and can break. Store them in the designated storage bag.

    Please note that because of hygienic reasons, the Yoni eggs can't be returned after the package has been opened.

  • Shipping & returns

    Voor 15:00 uur op een werkdag besteld? Dan doen wij ons best jouw bestelling binnen 48 uur nog mee te geven aan de bezorgdienst.

    Omdat dit een hygiënisch product is, kan je dit product niet meer retourneren na het verbreken van de verzegeling op de verpakking.


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